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Tushar Hospital deals in a number of sexual problems in male and females. Due to hightech life patterns and mental tensions, sexual problems are part of today's life. Our food patterns are changed in such a way that we are very far from the actual nutrients and helpful substances. This is the reason we have to take supplements with our meals. Due to lack of natural behavior in our food pattern, we unconsciously develop lot of irregularities in our sexual life.

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Low Sexual Power or lost due to any reason

We treat it , get back your sexual power And Happiness.

किसी भी प्रकार कि मरदाना कमजोरी


Drug addict?

Make the patient to leave Alcohal and other drugs without telling him.

हम पुरे तरीके से देसी दवाईयो से इलाज करते है जिसका कोई नुक्सान नही ह ।


Eat more still not getting weight

Gain weight and become attractive

खाया पीया नही लगता, सेहत बनाये ।



Enemy of female beauty leukorrhea we treat it by ayurvedic medicine

औरतो की सुन्दर्ता का दुश्मन लेउकोरीया का देसी इलाज करवाये ।